About us

The National Centre of European and Global Studies – NCEGS – is an non-governmental and apolitical civic association. Has real ambition to promote  ingenuity, invention and creativity transfer from the research sphere to the practice, using innovation in core activities of the Slovakia’s economic policy. It will be therefore involved in the efforts of all players involved in this field, i.e. state, public and international institutions with the private sector. The goal is to strengthen an integrate conceptual approach to the sustainable, socio-economic and environmental development of Slovakia, taking into account influence of the conditions and effects resulting outgoing from globalization and integration trends. Particular attention will be paid to utilization of the Structural Funds potential.

The main scientific and research outputs

Cardinal outputs from the NCEGS have been totally five scientific-applicative monographs, which have introduced, in the unconventional way, the basic Slovak society attributes in the context of the most recent political, socio-economic and environmental trends, as existing and as foreseeable in the European and global environment.

  1. Ivanička, K. et al., 2009. Creativity, invention, innovation – stimulators of growth, prosperity and sustainability. Bratislava, Publisher: EKONÓM, ISBN 978-80-225-2761-3;
  2. Ivanička, K. et al., 2010. Crisis Overcoming – Creation of the New Model for Socio-Economic Development of Slovakia. Bratislava, Publisher: EKONÓM, ISBN 978-80-225-2882-5;
  3. Ivanička et al., 2010. Economic Aspects of Social Justice and Human Rights. Bratislava, Publisher: EKONÓM, ISBN 978-80-225-3004-0;
  4. Ivanička, Koloman et al., 2011. Resources of The Slovak Republic as a factor of development strategies in European and global space. Bratislava, Publisher: EKONÓM, p. 664, ISBN 978-80-225-3204- 4

These monographs have contained expressions primarily on the following major topics:

  • Inevitability to lead the society to the creativity, innovations and inventions (in response to the 2009, year declared by the EU for the year of creativity and innovation); stimulators of growth, prosperity and sustainability of the Slovak Republic;
  • Society development within the post-crisis period – a new model of socio-economic development creation for the Slovak Republic;
  • Economic and social aspects of social justice and human rights (in response to the 2010 year, declared by the EU for the year of fight against poverty and social exclusion);
  • Strategy changes for the natural and human resources exploitation – resources analysis in relation to the socio-economic-ecological development and to the model of sustainability for the Slovakia. Preparation for the World Summit on Sustainable Resources, Rio 2012 – contribution of the Slovak Republic.

All these monographs, as well as the monograph prepared by Professor Ivanička, NCEGS Director, European trends and our perspectives and interests within the integrating Europe,  Bratislava, 2010, Publisher: EKONÓM, ISBN 978-80-225-2937-2, introduce new models for socio-economic development of the country, seeing that the present European and global development models appears to be ineffective. These publications were issued in bilingual mutations, with the unambiguous aim that also the foreign institutions will become acquainted with the progressive goings in Slovakia.

Activity of the National Centre of European and Global Studies – NCEGS – is currently  extended by the current issues of the Europe 2020 EU strategy. Focusing is adapted to the specific problems, to which the Slovak Republic faces, and which covers broad range of topics such as e.g., public finances, reform of pension systems, measures to create jobs and fight with unemployment, education and challenges in sphere of science, research and innovation, development of the cross-border cooperation, effective utilization of the EU Structural funds, etc.

Organizational structure

The bodies of the Association are:

  • Supreme body – Association members’ meeting
  • Executive body – Association chairmanship
  • Statutory body – Chairman of the association

Presidency of the Association consists of:

Ing. Ondrej Barič, PhD.
Ing. Peter Kijovský
Scientific Secretary.


Mamateyová 6
851 04 Bratislava 5

E-mail: ncegs.sk@gmail.com
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